Lao quote for up with gravityUp With GravitySM is a simple, effective and time-tested method for using the gravitational force as nature intended – as a help, not a hindrance.  The Up With GravitySM method is now freely available in writing for the first time.

Gravity is often considered a source of limitation and discomfort.  Here you’ll learn how to use gravity to bring greater freedom and comfort into your life.

Start right now with Up With GravitySM Lesson 1:

Listen to an audio interview about locating and directing your center of gravity:

Listen to an audio interview about lifting and moving your center of gravity:

Listen to an audio interview about using Up withGravitySM while walking on a windy day:

The next set of lessons will be published later.  They will involve the use of Alexander Technique directions, and so I suggest you explore and experiment with the material on the Alexander Technique Directions page.  I also suggest exploring the Constructive Rest and Accurate Body Knowledge pages on this site.  All three of these processes will help you achieve a healthier relationship with gravity.

Here’s a preview of the next set of lessons:

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With thanks to Theta Michele Drivon for the phrase “Life Just Got Easier.”