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My name is Robert Rickover and I am an Alexander Technique teacher in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada.  Over the past ten years, I’ve been developing the Up With GravitySM process, and incorporating it into my Alexander Technique teaching.  It is also a mainstay of Movement Coaching by Phone – my distance work with students using the phone or Skype.

Although the Up With GravitySM process continues to evolve, I decided to put the basics in writing and make it freely available on the web to as many people as possible – hence this website.

If you have found the lessons helpful, I hope you’ll be moved to support this project in at least one of these three ways:

First, your comments and suggestions are very important to me.  I know the Up With GravitySM process works, but in the past I’ve always conveyed the ideas in an interactive context and I want to make sure my wording is as clear and precise as possible.

Second, conveying the Up With GravitySM process would be greatly helped by additional photos, images, videos etc.  If you have any skills in these areas and would like to help out please contact me here.  I have far more ideas than I have the time or ability to implement myself!

Finally, a little financial support would go a long way towards paying for this website, and the effort I’ve put into the project.  One way is the Support button to the right. In addition, my Support Page includes a number of ways you can contribute at no cost to you – particularly if you use the Amazon links listed there.  If you use these links when shopping at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.ca, I’ll get a small commission from your purchases.  Please take the time to copy the links out and enter them into your browser, or simply bookmark this page.  Otherwise, only your first purchase will be credited to me.

Your support is greatly appreciated!