Up With Gravity<font size="1"><sup>SM</sup></font> Lesson 4 – Lifting and moving your center of gravity — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Robert,

    I was sceptical about the idea of moving the CoG, but was positively surprised by the results! I find the process energizing, it increases the body presence.

    May I ask where does the idea of lifting the CoG come from?

    Best wishes

    • Hi Jacek,

      I’m glad the process is working for you.

      It came out my own experiences with low back pain about 10 years ago.



      • Thanks Robert – and what actually made you consider lifting the CoG up? Were you just playing around and discovered it worked, or was there some scientific reasoning behind it?

        All the best

        • Originally just playing around but the scientific reasoning quickly followed – it’s basic physics 101.


  2. Does all sense of movemnt , lifting up should be to tyhe opposit of garivty line , or should it be in the same direction with the movement

    • You lift your Center of Gravity UP away from the ground as, for example, you direct your arrow FORWARD in walking.


  3. For me, “down” and “towards the center of the earth” are exactly the same thing – but I can see that for some people the latter would be better since there is less confusion about “down” as a direction in space and moving “down” within themselves.

  4. Hi Robert,

    Forgive me if you’ve covered this nuance in a previous post. I usually find it helpful to communicate to my students that “down” is not an entirely accurate way to describe the direction of the force of gravity. It is more accurate to describe it as “towards” the center of the planet.

    Also, “up” is more accurately described as “away” from the center of the planet, towards the cosmos – since every object in Earth’s gravitational field is being attracted to the (same) point at the center of the planet.

    Sometimes this description gives just enough room in the mind of some students to experience a more dynamic relationship with gravity.

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