Up With Gravity<font size="1"><sup>SM</sup></font> Lesson 5 – Lifting and moving your center of gravity while seated — 6 Comments

  1. i have writing something and today i found i am slumping on the chair.
    tensing my chest, breathing is becoming shallow, neck is stiffened.

    i tested it out and actually i immediately my body released and my breathing became deeper and deeper. when it comes to up to the throat, my shoulder was releasing out to the side like alexander direction.

    my question is this.

    1. do you think is it good to follow up this lifting till where?
    (maybe crown, or AO Joint?)

    2. is it needed to lifting like seesaw follow up to the spine?
    just curious specific imegery how you use. though it is already very helpful^^

    thanks for your sharing.
    i like it because it will help me to let myself creative on the chair, not annoyed.

    • I suggest simply lifting the CG using the arrow or side-to-side line as the image of what you’re lifting.

  2. Hi Robert. Thank you for doing all this. My question is, what is it about “lifting” the center of gravity that provides more of an effect (improved balance, stability, etc) than just being aware of where the CG is by default without lifting?

    I don’t doubt the results – I’m just curious about how it happens…

    When a person stands upright, the idea of “lifting” the CG seems like deliberately making the body out-of-balance. Like scooting the board of a seesaw over the fulcrum a few feet, so that one side is heavier than the other.

    So, why do we feel more stable when we we raise/lift our own CG?

    Maybe I’m thinking about it the wrong way?


    • I would say the body is probably out of balance before the lifting – lifting can only happen if everything above the CG expands (ie freer breating etc) and/or everything below contracts (better muscle tone in the hips/legs).

      PS Don’t forget to listen to the podcasts about combining UWG and Negative AT Directions

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