Constructive Rest

by Robert Rickover

One example of Alexander Technique constructive rest.  You can see several others at the Constructive Rest Page

Alexander Technique constructive rest, sometimes known as “active rest”, “semi-supine” or the “Alexander lying-down position” is an extremely effective self-help tool for for anyone who wants a simple, practical way of releasing excess tension from their body.

An important aspect of constructive rest is the changed relationship of your body with gravity, and spending a few minutes a day in the constructive rest position is a perfect complement to the center of gravity processes that are the focus of this website.

Here’s an interview describing the constructive rest:


And here’s another about using constructive rest to explore Alexander Technique negative directions:


Using constructive rest to explore the Up With Gravity Process:


Using constructive rest to explore combining the Up with Gravity Process with Alexander Technique negative directions:


You can find a great deal more information about constructive rest – including more audio interviews, videos, and articles – on the Constructive Rest page of The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique.