Up With Gravity<font size="1"><sup>SM</sup></font> Lesson 6 – Lifting your Center of Gravity vs. “Standing or Sitting Up Straight” — 15 Comments

  1. In my 70s I have started to wander as I walk, say, down a foot path. I had tried to stop it but I didn’t know how to walk straight consciously. I mean, it use to just happen. I now aim the centre of gravity and follow it – the improvement is quite marked. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I learned so much already and now walking a lot faster without too much effort. I also can last longer while sitting without discomfort. I will continue to explore and learn from Alexander Technique. Thanks again

  3. i don’t know how to say thank you.
    lying down and center of gravity is also curious. too.
    so, we can use this for tennis and table tennis? hurray!

    • I’m not sure what you’re asking about – the human center of gravity has been in the same place for a long, long time. Obviously it changes with the transition from monkey to man.

  4. How would you go about finding your center of gravity when planking i.e. pushup position? I’m thinking this would improve my exercises if I could locate it.

  5. Hi Robert,
    lifting the sitting center of gravity is good to use.
    Means….’prevention of raising the chest’ , i think.

    Fm says, the student should try to secure the thoratic cavity . Disturbance of gravity at this place disturbs the head,neck relationship.

    Fm says lifting the chest shortens the spine and narrows the back.

    But, i never found a perfect explanation of,
    ‘what is lifting the chest’ ?

    The lifting of center gravity at this place may be the reasonable explanation .

    • Absolutely right Jagadish – lifting your center of gravity can only happen if either or both of the following happen: 1. your body below the CG contracts (for example, better tone) and 2. your body above you CG expands. That’s simple physics and I don’t see any way around it!

  6. hello, I just read through and experimented briefly with your exercises on getting in touch with standing and sitting center of gravity. They are extremely helpful and make me want to experiment further. I might have a couple of suggestions for helping make some of your language clearer, but frankly I don’t have time at this moment to go back and scan for them! But if you write me, I can give you some more detailed feedback. Overall: very good. The spirit of what you are trying to do is excellent and most welcome for me, an autodidact by nature. But I’m aware that you probably are not trying to write yourself out of a job! I’m sure that your next caveat to me will be that, though these self-experiments are helpful, it’s nothing like working with a live coach/teacher. I’m sure that’s true… Anyway, good job and thanks for your efforts!

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